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Gwyneth Thomas

eLearning tragic offering friendly, fun & efficient eLearning services 

I was fortunate enough to be able to liberate myself from corporate bondage and establish DigiPed as my own company in 2017. Having a passion for eLearning, the formation of DigiPed offered me the opportunity to focus on eLearning services and expand these services to a wider variety of clients.

As well as being an Instructional Designer with experience in various authoring tools and platforms, I have a strong Information Technology and Analysis background. I am a good communicator and have an artistic flair. These skills combine to enable me to create innovative, agile solutions to meet eLearning needs, in a fun and engaging manner.

Located in the Perth Hills in Western Australia, I provide eLearning Consultancy, Custom Corporate Course creation, Course Creation for Small Businesses and Short Video Creation. I pride myself on being able to offer cost effective solutions that help businesses leverage off the creation of online learning products.

By guiding clients through the process of transforming their face-to-face training into online formats, clients achieve results that make a positive difference to their business. Money spent on eLearning development has been shown to give a good return on investment (ROI).

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Learning Myths Challnge

I am passionate about following learning science developments which I believe enables the design of more effective products.

A study released by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) in September 2019, on Neuromyths and Evidence-based Learning in higher education, challenges some popular learning beliefs. While it is only a single study, I found some of the findings surprising!

How many of YOUR learning beliefs do you think this study challenges?

Take my Learning Myths Challenge (based on this study) to find out.

Even though a single study like this may not change the world, I believe it is always useful to continuously challenge our beliefs. After all, humanity did once firmly believed that the earth was flat!


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