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Online Course Creation  -  eLearning Consultations  -  Short Video Creation

DigiPed is an eLearning company based in the Perth Hills in Western Australia. The company name is derived from Digital  Pedagogy and provides a clue to my passion for the science behind how knowledge and skills are imparted in an educational, digital context. I specialise in creating custom online courses for both large and small businesses and understand how digitising training with effective eLearning can help a business save time and money

I have worked across a wide range of industries that include corporate, local government, industrial safety, wildlife conservation, community housing and the health and fitness industry. I pride myself on operating with transparency and being able to deliver effective online training solutions, in a fun and engaging manner.



Corporate Course Click & Reveal

This sample corporate course slide is embedded in a custom navigation template. The click and reveal actions use video snippets and animation to optimise engagement.

Small Business Online Courses

This small business used online courses to reduce trainer time and effort as well as increasing accessibility to a larger online audience.

Corporate Course Enforced Navigation

This corporate course uses enforced navigation to ensure learners view content in sequence. It also encourages learners to engage with the content and 'pull' information from the course.

Ballon Baloney

Short animated video is a very powerful mechanism to convey messages and explain concepts. This type of video can be referred to as an Edumercial or Explainer video.

Secure Online Review & Collaboration

For small and large businesses, using a secure online review platform allows clients easy access to review course prototypes/versions and provide feedback at their convenience.

Records Management Creative Commons

This corporate course, created by City of Sydney, is shared to other Local Governments under a Creative Commons license. We provide cost effective course modification services to make the changes to suit your local council.

Design & Maintain with Storyboards

For small and large business. there are many styles of Storyboards in use, but all provide an excellent design tool allowing stakeholders to get a good understanding of the overall course, navigation flow and design. Once complete, they also provide a useful tool for ongoing course maintenance.

Small Business Course

This small business course is hosted on Teachable course hosting platform. This affordable platform seamlessly hosts courses with varied content, including videos, text and image content as well as short quizzes.

Corporate Course Software Simulation

If it is not practical for learners to practice using a software application in real-time, then a software simulation course can be used as an alternative. This can be graded and used as all or part of successful course completion criteria.

Garden Soil - just for fun!

This fun project uses cutouts and scrolling panels to float text up more precisely.

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