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Analysis and consultation services can help both large and small organisations identify, achieve and support their eLearning or online training.
eLearning Consultation services can help clients start their eLearning journey with more clarity and understanding. I can help answer questions like:
  • what are your online training needs?
  • which of your existing training is suited to digital transformation?
  • what is the best online style to use for your specific training?
  • how does the instructional design process work?
  • where would it be best to host and manage courses for your business?
  • which authoring tools are best suited to your business needs?
  • what do all the eLearning terms and acronyms mean?
Consultations are also useful to clients with established eLearning courses and systems, offering the opportunity for me to provide assistance with:
  • investigate and evaluate solutions against new requirements
  • needs analysis/requirements gathering for new courses or systems
  • creating new courses or assisting with in-house course creation
  • learning analytics to evaluate deployed course performance
  • ongoing course maintenance and administration
  • return on investment (ROI) calculations for entire systems or individual courses
These consults culminate in written reports providing recommendations of suggested solutions for your requirements, or process / maintenance documentation or analysis results.
eLearning Consultation services include:


In the Classroom

A needs analysis clarifies the use of eLearning in a particular situation by clearly identifying the problem and the outcomes needed to solve it.


Complexity can vary, but at a minimum, it should:

  • identify the core problem(s) to be solved

  • describe the target audience for the training

  • list the target outcomes the training must achieve

  • identify gaps in existing content and performance

  • provide improvement recommendations

When considering a new eLearning course, I always recommend a need analysis as the first step.


Clients, large or small, looking for clarity on eLearning in the digital learning world and how it relates to their business, will benefit from custom analysis and investigation of digital learning practices best suited to their business.
If you are just looking for clarity on eLearning terms, The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms by LearnUpon is a great resource.
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ROI image from SkillBuilder LMS

ROI image from SkillBuilder LMS

Industry leaders in both large and small business areas have reported significant, tangible savings when migrating instructor led training to eLearning.
Calculating the exact ROI of your eLearning investment is the only sure way to determine the actual benefits achieved by your business.
Even if you use one of the many free ROI calculators available, I will add value with our expertise to ensure your ROI results are accurate and prepared in a timeous, professional way.


Clients looking to establish the best solutions for their eLearning hosting, course authoring or any other aspect of their eLearning will benefit from my analysis, requirements gathering and solutions evaluation services.


Solution Cost comparison in frame no sta



Instructional Design Central mobile app lets you create needs analysis on the go. This provides a great start for a full Needs Analysis.


Evaluate & compare solutions for aspects of eLearning based on requirements.


For clients who create their own courses, we offer assistance including regular email hints and tips on course design.


eLearning Industry has many useful eLearning resources including this list of free ROI calculator templates. 

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