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I believe that the design and creation of an online course is only one part of a holistic approach to good learning management practices.
Analysis and support beyond the initial deployment which includes ongoing course management and course evaluation of the learner experience and course results, forms a vital part of the long term success of any course.
Corporate Instructional Design Services assist with actual course creation while eLearning Consultation Services assist with ongoing course management and evaluation.
Full Course Development Cycle.gif
I am flexible and happy to tailor instructional design, course creation services and process methodologies to suit your needs.
Corporate Instructional Design Services for course creation include:


For course creation, I have developed my own tried and tested, course development methodology based on several industry standards including ADDIE and SAM. Even as an agile, iterative methodology, I have found that adapting the methodology to suit each clients unique circumstances provides optimal results. The full development cycle methodology includes:
  • Savvy Start session (defines Development agreement)
  • Subject Mater Expert (SME) interviews/workshops
  • Storyboards and design
  • Prototypes and reviews
  • Deliverables include:
    • Final course package e.g. SCORM
    • Final Storyboard
    • Source code & assets
Instructional Design Cycle3.png


Existing Courses3.png
These could either be your own proprietary courses, creative commons licensed products or templates that can be customised to your requriments.
Contact me to learn more about Creative Commons Record Management courses available for Australian Local Governments


For clients who prefer to create their own courses, I offer support for several key course and asset authoring tools as well as hosting platforms.
  • Professional authoring tools

  • Hosting platforms

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • Video and assets creation tools

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