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Digitising your small business training:

Even the smallest, owner operated business, if delivering the same training repeatedly, can benefit from digitising their skills and adding online courses to their business tool box. Not all training is suitable for digitisation, but if suitable, the benefits include:


  • Increased audience size and accessibility

  • Increased training delivery frequency

  • Reduction in trainer time and effort

  • Extra income stream

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Adding online courses to your business tool box will:

  • Take time and effort to set up, BUT....

  • Courses can be income generating assets

  • Implementing them liberates trainers to grow the business in other ways​

 Small Business course creation services to help you digitise your skills include:


A short consultancy session discussing your current online footprint, current training content and delivery is usually enough for me to be able to use my knowledge and expertise to assist with:

  • establishing the feasibility of digitising your training

  • recommending an approach to converting your content

  • recommending a few hosting options suitable for your requirements

  • suggest some strategies to align all your existing online platforms with the digital training


Small businesses often need to work with very low budgets for their online training. With this in mind, I use a much simpler instructional design approach for these courses.  In many cases the lessons are created as live videos of the existing training. 

Design services include:

  • compiling an action plan for course development

  • identifying the most appropriate online style for the training 

  • defining overall course outline and lesson flow

  • creating scripts and sequence flows for all proposed lessons/videos

  • determining appropriate lesson duration

  • applying a consistent style throughout

  • using quizzes and other content appropriately

Course creation services include:

  • creating logos, photos and other course assets

  • capture and create live videos (or providing DIY advice)

  • assist with closed caption and transcript generation

  • compressing final videos for web deployment



Once the course is ready, the next stage is to deploy it in accordance with your requirements.

Some aspects to consider here include:

AUDIENCE: Is the course for limited audience only e.g. staff or members only?

COST: Is the course free or does it have a purchase fee?

TRACKING: Do you need the ability to contact the people who use your course?

FORMAT: Online cloud hosting, DVD or hosted on a company secure network?

There are numerous online cloud hosting platforms available such as Udemy, Teachable and Thinkific. This type of platform allows you to create and deploy courses, handle enrolments and collect a purchase fee.. Some also allow you to have full control over the enrolled learner contact list. But, depending on your business needs, deployment could be as simple as creating a DVD or loading it onto a business network drive or into the member area of your own web site. 

Course deployment services include:

  • deployment options analysis and recommendations based on your requirements

  • initial implementation setup and deployment

  • training / handover to your nominated training administrator


Empowering small businesses to administer and maintain their own online courses and training is a  priority. However, assistance is available on an ad hoc or more permanent basis.

Support services include:

  • platform administration and general course management e.g. enrolments, drip feed content etc

  • changes to existing courses

  • creation of new courses


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